Office building of Genetek Biopharma in Berlin-Adlershof Germany

GENETEK Biopharma GmbH

To detect hereditary diseases and genetic defects, physicians as well as researchers need appropriate tools. It is also essential to have the appropriate tools to support law enforcement agencies in resolving crimes and facilitating other legal issues, like kinship and paternity cases. Overtime these tools seem to have become mainstream but having them ready made and easy to use, ensuring accuracy, good quality control and precision is indispensable.

GENETEK Biopharma GmbH, is located in the Science city of Berlin-Adlershof: the new Hotspot of Science, Technology and Media, in Berlin, Germany. The foundation of our company comprises of scientists and researchers from the Biotechnology and Molecular Biology disciplines. Their experience and advance knowledge in the field of human and medical genetics form the stronghold of our organization.

Through our production of high quality genetic diagnostic kits – for hereditary genetic diseases and chromosomal anomalies detection and our efficient Human DNA profiling kits, used in forensics and/or kinship issues, we envision a better society, bringing safety and assurance to the world we live in.
At GENETEK Biopharma, we pride ourselves in being one of the few firms providing high quality kits and services for both healthcare, research and forensic applications.