For human profiling in forensic cases, parentage identification and research use

The GTDetector kit is developed to meet requirement for global database search and can be used for most populations. This kit consists of 16 STR markers and Amelogenin gene as a sex determination marker, out of which 13 STR markers are CODIS Core loci and 11 STR markers are recommended by the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI). Most importantly, customers can achieve high discrimination power by amplifying most heterozygous loci SE33 included in the kit.

The GTDetector multiplex system is optimized to amplify 17 markers (16 autosomal markers and Amelogenin) in a single reaction and these loci are differentiated with 5 dye system using capillary electrophoresis technology. This kit is compatible with Applied BiosystemsTM 3500/3500xL and 3130/3130xl platforms for detection and analysis. GTDetector performance has been validated on more than 1000 samples.

Key Features

  • Easy to use mix
  • Multiplex analysis of 17 loci in one reaction
  • STRs (< 125 – 185 base pair size) for degraded DNA.
  • Contains all 13 CODIS loci
  • Produces full profile from low amount of DNA
  • ~ 90 min thermal cycling time
  • Applicable to a variety of DNA sources – blood, hair, bone, saliva, etc. or direct sample to PCR using DNA banking card (DBC™) or DBC Blue™

For Research Use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures

Kit box containing GTDetector reagents with STR markers for paternity test using QF-PCR technique
NameSizeCat. No.
GTDetector50 RXNGT-12101-50
GTDetector100 RXNGT-12101-100
GTDetector200 RXNGT-12101-200
Marker arrangement in GTDetector 5-dye QF-PCR kit for human profiling in forensic cases & parentage identification
Locations of GTDetector markers on autosomal and sex chromosomes

Certificate of Analysis

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