GTYDetector 29

For male profiling in sexual assault, forensic casework sample, paternity cases and research use

The GTYDetector 29 multiplex system was designed to achieve high power of discrimination using a 5 dye system, without upgrading detection system to a 6 dye channels. This kit is optimized to amplify 27 STR markers in a single reaction. Additionally, an Amelogenin marker is used to eliminate female sample contamination or PCR failure due to female sample mix-up. The kit allows detection of low concentrated male DNA in female samples (important for sexual assault cases) as well as detection of male-male DNA mixtures. This kit is compatible with Applied Biosystems™ 3500/3500xL and 3130/3130xl capillary electrophoresis platforms for detection and analysis. The Kit’s performance has been tested on more than 1000 samples.

Key Features

  • Easy to use mix
  • Multiplex analysis of 30 loci in 5 dye system
  • ~ 90 min thermal cycling time
  • AMXY loci is added to detect mix sample source (male-female mix) and to rule out female DNA contamination in sexual assault.
  • Applicable to a variety of DNA sources – blood, hair, bone, saliva, etc. or direct sample to PCR using DNA banking card (DBC™) or DBC Blue™.

For Research Use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures

Kit box containing GTYDetector 29 reagents with STR markers for male Y chromosome detection using QF-PCR technique
NameSizeCat. No.
GTYDetector 2950 RXNGT-12105-50
GTYDetector 29100 RXNGT-12105-100
GTYDetector 29200 RXNGT-12105-200
Marker arrangement in GTYDetector 5-dye QF-PCR kit for male profiling in sexual assault, forensic casework & paternity cases
Locations of GTYDetector STR markers on the Y chromosome

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