GTM5 Matrix Standard

For Spectral Calibration when GT 5 Dye System is used

  • GTM5 Matrix Standard is labeled with: 6-FAM, GT2907, GT1803, GT2712 and GT500
  • Compatible with the Applied Biosystem™ 3130/xl and 3500/xL Genetic Analyzers


For Research Use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures

GTM5 kit box with reagents for Spectral Calibration of 5 Dye capillary electrophoresis genetic analyzers
NameSizeCat. No.
GTM5 (For 5 Dye System)24 RXNGT-35001-24
GTM5 (For 5 Dye System)48 RXNGT-35001-48
GTM5 (For 5 Dye System)72 RXNGT-35001-72
GTM5 (For 5 Dye System)96 RXNGT-35001-96
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